I'm Danielle Douglass! I'm 21 years old and I'm a shift supervisor at Starbucks! I am engaged to my best friend and the most amazing man ever, Seth. He's my rock and my world. I'm sorta anti-social, but I'm a fun person!

  • Parental control

    So first of all, I live at home, That being said my mother and I are close to a degree. We usually hangout one day a week. I tell her things, well I try to, when I try to talk to her about things she sometimes makes these passive aggressive comments and after a few of those I am just done talking. I understand that she has me in her best interests, but she is constantly knocking down my fiancee. It is to the point where she wants to hangout and I want to hangout with her I just wont if she’s in a bad mood and here are to examples from just moments ago. I had asked her if she had heard about Paul George’s leg, we are in Indiana and this is what we love people, anyway my mom says yes and starts in on how the NBA is corrupt and she hates them all and whatever. So i just end that discussion. Next up I show her my newest coffee mug that my soon to be mother in law got me in Budapest, super cool, she repiles you are going to have to start keeping those in your room. Seriously?! I’m at a loss.

  • As summer comes to a close

    As the summer ends Seth and I are trying to fit as much time together in as possible before I start back with classes. We are going to have opposite schedules. Anyway, we’ve gone boating and we might go canoeing and Thursday we are going to the state fair. Plus if I got the day off I’m with him regardless. I think this week will be perfect for us to hangout. He’s been really great and I just don’t want it to end. We talked a lot this week about things and I hope everything starts to fall into place soon. :)

  • Inside the good life.

    It’s a funny thing to be engaged and to not live together or have your own places. When I say funny I mean awful. The world is so scary and that one person you need by your side is hard to get to when you can only see them some days.

  • The Rock

    When you first start to date every time you fall for a guy you think, ” this is the one this is it.” At least for me. I would think I was in love and just as fast as it started I became bored or annoyed. Then I met Seth. We never thought that we would be together. We had our obstacles, and we still do. The first time I knew I was in love with him I was scared, The feeling of falling in love is so overwhelming. Then you start to worry if the other person feels the same way. Today was not a good day for me. Work was stressful and by the end of the day I was shaking. After an afternoon of a double dinner date and a minute to relax I got to lay with him for a few hours, I will explain another time why that is so important to me. Once he’d fallen asleep with me in his arms he kept pulling me closer and closer. He really always knows what to do to make the day better!

  • The Bux life

    I’m sitting waiting to click on at my job at Starbucks. It’s a busy Sunday morning and my partners, coworkers, are buzzing around like little worker bees to get everyone’s orders placed and filled in a timely fashion. Sundays are one of the busiest and stressful days to work. We get church people, weekend travelers, and our beloved regulars. I clock on feeling confident, I love my job. As a shift supervisor I’m supposed to run shift, position people, and handle any problems that arise. I’ve been a nice shift. I’ve given chances and benefits of the doubt, but what do you do when that’s taken advantage of? Crack the whip? I’ve sought countless advice and at times I feel at a loss. What do you do when the job you loved so much, the job you’ve wanted for years starts to go bad? When you dread going in to work most days. I love this job, my company, and my partners, but I’m at a loss of what to do anymore…

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    ""You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take"

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